SEO – How do you get your business name on Google?

You’ll want your business name to show up on Google. It’s how the vast majority of people search for products and services. Did you know 93 per cent of online experiences begin with a search engine?

Understand your competition

Get an idea of how your business will do on Google by doing a search for your business name and for your products and services. Make a note of who your competitors are and what they’ve named themselves. You want to avoid names that are too similar to competitors as it will be very difficult to compete with them in the search engine results. Similarly, don’t go for something too generic. Calling yourself ‘Cheap Painter & Decorator Ltd’ might describe what you do, but there will be lots of websites out there targeting that keyword combination and make it harder to rank for. Go for something unique to have the best chance of standing out.

Know your customers and what they search for

Do you know what people search for when they’re looking for a business like yours? Do some keyword research to understand what words and phrases people search for and how regularly. Use the Google keyword planner or one of the other keyword research tools that are available. Most of them are free or have a free trial period you can use.

Once you have this information you can make adjustments to your business name or product names so that they match what your customers search for. You could include popular keywords in your business name itself. Doing this means that every time someone searches for a popular keyword combination your business is likely to come up.

An exact keyword match domain name is believed to be one of the easiest ways to get a website to show up on Google. So if your keyword research has told you that lots of people search for ‘roofers in Manchester’, having the domain would be an exact match domain. Many exact match domains have been snapped up for this reason, but you should be able to find an available one that includes some of the relevant keywords for your business.

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Optimise your business for Google

Your choice of business name and domain name is an important starting point, but there are other factors to consider if you want to get your business on Google.

Website content

The text on your website is used by Google to measure the quality and relevance of your website to users. It needs to be relevant and kept up to date. Doing some keyword research and understanding what it is your customers are searching for is vital for producing content that they are going to find useful and will compel them to buy something from you.


Another way Google assesses whether your website is important or not is by looking at which other websites link to it. Aim to get links from other sites in your industry, as well as from newspaper and magazine websites and social media channels. But don’t pay for links, seeking the endorsements you’re looking for can be done simply from making the most of free publicity opportunities.


Google is constantly evaluating your overall brand presence online, in terms of how many times you business name appears, where, and how it is used. The more you can get people talking about your brand the better.

Social media is a great way to promote your business, attract followers and build your brand. One of your considerations when choosing a business name should be how you will use it on specific social media platforms. Twitter, for instance, will only allow real names of up to 20 characters in length. If your business name is longer than that you will have to shorten it for it to work on Twitter. Similarly, consider how your business name will appear in the small profile pictures on social media accounts. If it is a long name you may need to shorten it using an acronym.

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