Registering A Domain Name

Now that you’ve secured the perfect company name for your new business, you need a domain name to go with it. This will be the online identity of your business so it’s just as important you make the right choice here and register one that’s going to enable your customers to find you when they search the Internet for the products and services you provide.
Most company formation service provides require you to run a separate domain name search, but not Business Name Checker. We are the only website that allows you to find both an available company name and a domain name in the space of a single search. If you need more information about registering a domain name, we’ve got that base covered too.

What is a Domain?

Your domain name is the website address for your business and is what enables people to find your products and services online.
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Second Level Domains

The second level domain is the most recognisable part of the domain name to the user and is a key ranking factor on Google so it’s imperative that you choose wisely. It typically consists of your business name or a carefully selected keyword.

Top Level Domains

Top level domains are the little grouping of letters that occur after the final dot in your domain name. Your choice of top level domain will also influence how readily you show up on Google so you should pick one that’s right for your business.
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Domain Name Rules

Certain rules apply to registering domain names and they vary depending on the type of domain name you choose.

Whois Search

Registering a domain name means that some information about you and your business will be made available for people to search.
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Like your business name, your domain name can be optimised for Google so that people that search for your products and services can find you more easily.
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Your overall brand presence online will strongly influence how well you do on Google. Think about your choice of domain name and whether it will strengthen or undermine your branding efforts.
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Passing Off

A passing off challenge could force you to change your company name or domain name if a court rules that it is so similar to an existing name that it could confuse customers.
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