Business Name Ideas

Concept of branding with attributed words.
You’ve got a great idea for a business, but coming up with a name for it is proving much more difficult. Take a moment to think about what your business does and where it’s based.

Literal Names

Literal business names are one idea for a name. Their most obvious and greatest strength is that they are literal. If you own a plumbing business that operates out of Bristol for instance, calling yourself ‘Bristol Plumbers Ltd’ will leave potential customers in no doubt about what your business does and who you are.


As well as requiring no further explanation, giving your business a literal name will help it show up on Google. Over 70% of people use search engines as their first port of call when looking for local businesses. If someone searches for a plumber, you are more likely to show up if it is in your business name.
Including your town or city in your business name adds more weight to a literal business name because people often combine the service they’re looking for on Google with a geographical area. Using the name ‘Bristol Plumbers Ltd’ as an example again, it would be likely to rank well when people in the Bristol area search for someone that can fix a leaky tap.


Competition for literal business names is high which is likely to affect their availability. Doing some research to see what other businesses in your sector and your area have named themselves can help you see what you’re up against.
Literal business names lack originality so this makes standing out from the other like-minded businesses in your area with literal names quite difficult. They also don’t intrigue people in the way that the best abstract names do so this makes branding more of a challenge.

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Abstract Names

An abstract business name is an idea that’s becoming more popular. Google is an obvious example of an abstract name success story. Registered in 1997, the name is a play on the word ‘googol’, which is a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros.


Abstract names give you the opportunity to build a brand presence from scratch. There are no preconceived ideas meaning you have more control over shaping user perception of your business. They can also arouse curiosity and make people want to find out more about who you are and what you do.


As much as they can arouse curiosity, abstract names can also leave customers confused. If they’re not interested in finding out the origins of your name then they’re going to be left none the wiser about what your business does. Similarly, over-thinking abstract names or trying to be too clever in creating one could result in an abstract name that customers find hard to get. The last thing you want is a name that is grappled with or interpreted differently because it will become an unwanted distraction to you running your business.

How to pick an abstract name

Have a look at some of the high profile examples out there like Google, Yahoo or Amazon. Research the origins of abstract names and start to come up with some ideas of your own.

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Story-based Names

An idea that is a variation on an abstract name, these have a story behind them. They tend to be personal in nature and have a history to them that is relevant to the business owner or how the business came into being. An example of a good story-based name is ‘The Gamekeeper’s Daughter’, the name given to a small Colchester-based company that sells pies and pastries out of locally sourced game. The company was founded by the daughter of a gamekeeper at the East Bergholt Estate Company, who grew up learning about game and foraging for food in the countryside.


As with abstract names, story-based names benefit from being able to build their brand from scratch. A story behind a name idea adds a personal touch, which can be endearing to potential customers. It may also make them more inclined to find out what your business does and talk about it with their friends.


They don’t tell customers who you are and what your business does, so you’re relying on them being interested enough in your story-based name to find out more about your business. If they don’t care or are indifferent, then the origins of the name will remain a mystery as will the services that your business offers.


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Classic Combinations

If you’re still stuck for an idea for a business name, there is always the combination style name. This could be one that combines a colour with a shape, an animal or an object, or a name that combines the names of the two business owners or indicates a family business.

Some examples are:
– Blue Square
– Purple Chilli
– Red Ant
– Smith & Jones Ltd
– Lewis & Sons Ltd