Top 25 New Domain Names for the Month of June

Last year the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the organisation responsible for allocating domain names, began approving a new generation of generic top level domains (gTLDs). This was a watershed moment in the history of website addresses, because it expanded the choice of gTLDs available to domain name registrars virtually overnight. As well as being able to have a .com or domain name extension, it was suddenly possible to buy one that describes what a business does, such as .photography or .accountant. There are now several hundred new gTLDs available, which ICANN have been gradually releasing onto the market.

The influx of new generic top level domains (gTLDs) onto the market may show little sign of abating, but many of them have now been around long enough for us to get a sense of which ones are going to be more than just a flash in the pan.  As they were released onto the market in phases during 2014, there were periods of intense domain sale activity as particular gTLDs became available. Much of this could be attributed to big brands intent on securing the various different combinations of their own domain names to protect them from cybersquatting. Now with most of the gTLDs on general release we can get a more accurate picture of which ones are proving popular and which aren’t. OpenSRS, one of the major domain wholesalers, have been publishing monthly lists of the best performing gTLDs based on their sales. Here is their Top 25 for the month of June:


Top 25 Domain Names in June 2015 Positions 1-10

Top 25 Domain Names in June 2015 Positions 11-25


As of the end of the 2nd Quarter we can see that .XYZ was usurped by .WORK as the top performing new gTLD, although it will be interesting to see how the former fares this month given Google’s decision to opt for this as the domain extension for the website of Alphabet, their new holding company. The streak continued for the trio of .LINK, .CLUB and .LONDON, who have been ever-present in the Top 10 this year, while June also saw a lot of interest in the much publicised .XXX alternatives – .PORN and .ADULT, both of which make the Top 25 list. These gTLDs in particular, have been the subject of much attention by celebrities and brands concerned at the prospect of their domain names featuring these gTLD variations being snapped up by users with malicious intent. One suspects that the much derided .SUCKS gTLD could well make its way onto the list this quarter for the same reason.

If you’re torn over what domain name or to buy for your business it is well worth considering some of the more popular new gTLDs, even if it is just a case of securing them to protect your brand image.


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