10 Reasons to Use New Domain Extensions

The explosion of new domain extensions or generic top level domains (gTLDs) onto the marketplace in recent years has undoubtedly increased the options open to you when looking for the perfect choice of domain name for your business.top level domains including some new domain extensions

Google may well have recently sought to set the record straight regarding the myth about the perceived SEO advantage they hold over more traditional gTLDs, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth investing in one.

Here are 10 good reasons for considering one of the new gTLDs the next time you register a domain.


If your preferred domain name on a .com extension is unavailable, then give some thought to which of the new domain extensions makes the most sense for your business. For example, a photographer can use .photography, a reporter can use .press and a technology company can use .tech.


A four-letter .com domain that’s not even a real word in the English language will cost significantly more than opting for the same name, or a much better one, on almost every new extension.


A URL with a descriptive domain name and extension will leave those who come across your website in no doubt as to what they can expect to find when they get there. Award-winning Italian startup Horus Technology, for instance, will be using blind.tech for marketing its wearable device designed for the blind and visually-impaired.

Google doesn’t penalise new domain extensions (but nor does it prioritise them)

Google has a neutral stance regarding gTLDs, so there’s no need to shun a new gTLD on the grounds that it will harm your search engine ranking. In fact, in their recent communication they even explained how you can move your existing website to a new extension without greatly impacting search rankings or history.

Memorable names

A new gTLD makes it possible to give your business a more meaningful and memorable name. A good example is www.smartcatch.fish, which Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen selected for his new sustainable seafood programme business. He chose this despite ‘smartcatch’ being available on a .com extension.

Improved branding

You can improve brand recall with a shorter name. This is what Anchor Hosting, a WordPress hosting and maintenance expert, set out to do when they discarded www.anchorhost.com in favour of anchor.host. The shorter domain featuring a new gTLD is listed as the top result for a Google search for ‘anchor host’.

Companies, celebrities and influencers are using them

Opting for a new gTLD is less of a speculative punt these days, when you consider that high-profile companies and figures are already using them. It hasn’t done them any harm, so there’s no reason to think it will do you any either.

Time is of the essence

It’s still relatively early days for the new domain extensions, but their popularity is only going to increase over time. Registering a new domain extension that is relevant to your business now will prevent a competitor from securing it in the future.

Local business identity

If identification of your business locality is vital as you expand into new areas, one of the new geographic top level domains is ideal. If your business is based in London, for example, having a .london domain extension instantly tells people where you’re located.

Marketing impact

The next time you build a microsite to drive a specific marketing campaign, giving it a dedicated domain will deliver real impact. Whether it’s a sale valid on a specific day of the week, or a brand expansion into a new product area, do a bit of research into what new gTLDs are available and you could just find one that’s a perfect match.


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